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DBGA Partnership

We are partnering with the Digital Bros Game Academy for HoW16. Four students of the academy will have the chance to take part of the event's workshops and we've come...

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Three weeks to go!

Home of Wargamers 2016 will start in only three weeks. It's getting more and more hectic here as we fine tune some details and sort out last minute issues, in...

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Second wave of developers announced

Hardcore wargames are not for everyone. Are we talking about games or simulators?

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Archon Engine, welcome to the next generation

Home of Wargamers will be a great opportunity to present the latest developments of the Archon engine.

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HOW 16

Home of Wargamers is an event, funded and organized by Slitherine and Matrix Games.

It is a conference focused solely on strategy and war games,
where our developer partners gather from around the
world to debate and discuss topics of relevance to our dedicated market.

Topics range from business practice, to development, from art and UI to marketing and communications and where the discussions enjoy all of the advantages of face to face communications.

After the success of last year’s Home of Wargamers, this year’s event will follow a similar pattern building upon our past experiences. The three days of conference will feature presentations and workshops all aimed at our very particular market sector, as well as product demos and a range of extracurricular activities to keep all engaged.

In an increasingly competitive market, Slitherine and Matrix Games continue to focus their attention on supporting their developer partners and building bonds that will ensure success in this fluid and ever changing environment. These three days of HoW16 create a perfect atmosphere for dialogue and exchange of ideas that bring a breath of fresh air to this market sector and ever more fun to our audience.